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Monday, January 22, 2007

New Menu Options

As promised I want to give a quick tour of what's new with the Hotlist.

If you've found this blog then you've surely discovered the new menu options. The menu presentation is still a work in progress. The questions is whether it is best presented as it currently is, or whether another approach would be more suitable, and flexible.

The Hot Top 10

This is a new feature to the Hotlist. You may already be familiar with the Hot blog entries as indicated with the small icon, and highlighted in boxes in the Hotlist front page listings. The Hot Top 10 presents the top ten postings for the past seven days based on click-throughs, with weighting that favors newer postings over older ones. If two different postings have received the same number of click-throughs, either via the Hotlist front page, or the sidebar widget, the one that received the greater number of recent click-throughs is naturally considered "hotter".

The Hot Top 10 list is presented in a slide out window, as are a number of new pages accessible from the menu options. You can close each window by clicking on the top right corner icon, or re-clicking on the menu option. If you click to open a slide out window, while another is already displayed, the displayed window will close and the selected page's window will slide out.

The slide out windows reduce clutter, while maintaining accessibility.


This is the same blogroll that used to be presented at the bottom of the front page, listing all the blogs that the PNW Topic Hotlist scans for Hotlist content. The blogroll is now contained in a slide out window, leaving the front page dedicated to the hotlist listings.

Sidebar Widget

The sidebar widget used to be on a separate page, but this has also been moved into a slide out window for easy access. Any settings you might make will be retained if you stash the window and then slide it back out. The presentation has been adjusted to match the look and feel of the rest of the site.


No need to explain the link, although hopefully it is clear that it relates to the PNW Topic Hotlist blog, and not some other. PNW Topic Hotlist Blog is a little wordy for the menu, so hopefully Blog alone is clear enough. Of course a tooltip displays for each menu option with more info.


The FAQ that used to be on the sidebar widget page has been moved into yet another slide out window. Some questions and answers have been updated and a few have been added. If you are looking for a question that isn't listed please get in touch.

Hopefully regular users of the Hotlist will visit this blog where there will be detailed information about Hotlist features, display tips for the sidebar widget, and archives of all of these things.

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