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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fade To Gray

One of the recent changes made at the PNW Topic Hotlist front page is the use of fading text to indicate the aging of postings: recent postings display in sharp dark text, and as the posting ages it gradually fades to a lighter shade of gray. The fading is most obvious if you expand the listings.

The formula is pretty simple: a posting that is less than a day old is displayed in the darkest text, and as each day passes it fades a little more.

The intended result is that it is easier to quickly see what topics and what postings are most up to date.

Topics are already sorted under each category by the date and time of that topic's most recent posting, and within each topic by date and time. So the newest postings will always display at the top. The fading simply adds another visual indicator to direct the regular visitor to the newest postings.

So as to still ensure every posting listed is legible, if you simply mouse of any part of the posting displayed the text will be changed to an unfaded setting.

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