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Thursday, March 29, 2007

What's New?!

That's a question being asked at the PNW Topic Hotlist all the time.

Each time you visit the site you'll notice lots of different new! indicators marking those topics that have been updated since your previous visit, or blog entries that are new since your last visit.

Updated topics are indicated with a simple ยป.

If there are new blog entries hidden in collapsed topics there now are new! indicators for that too.

You can also track changes in the past 24 hours by selecting the "SHOW NEW IN LAST 24 HOURS" option. On your first visit that's what is indicated by default.

Full disclosure: the time of your visit is tracked with a simple browser cookie. If you want to look for it it is clearly named: "PNWTopicHotlistUpdate". That's all that's being tracked.

Some people don't like cookies. They don't like being tracked. But in actual fact the information is stored on your computer and only interfaces with page logic that runs on your computer. None of the information can be tracked to an individual, and none of the information is used or stored anywhere else.

The benefit is that each time you visit the site you can more easily focus on what's new, and hopefully you'll agree that's a good thing.

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