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Saturday, March 07, 2009


Ok, it has admittedly been a while since the last entry to this blog, but that's not an indication that nothing has been going on.

While "Change" has come to Washington, D.C., we've also been making changes to the main Topic Hotlist page.

New Entries

Most recently and most visibly, we've adjusted how we indicate new postings since your last visit, or over the past 24 hours, by adding a red vertical line to the left of the new entries. We think this makes them stick out better. Because this is a common paradigm in many word processors, the "new!" indicator is probably now redundant. However, we're going to leave it there for a little while until people become used to the new approach.

Hottest Entries

We've also been adjusting the Top 10 Hottest Entries listing to display an indicator of the relative scores of each posting, as well as its previous position (we're not going to reveal the secret sauce we use to determine the positions, sorry). Keep in mind movement is based on activity since the last update.

Aggregator Smarts

We're continuing to improve how we classify a posting so that it falls under the most appropriate topic, and we have a laundry list of future adjustments we plan to make soon. We think what we're doing here is trying to be a smarter aggregator, so our goal is to constantly refine our processes and algorithms.

New Blogs

Our Blogroll continues to evolve and we're now aggregating 104 blogs. Perhaps the most popular of the new additions is PubliCola. We're not looking for quantity, but quality - blogs that cover local issues, not just national. That approach acts as a natural limiting factor that ensures we don't dilute the best postings with noise. However, we're always open to suggestions for new blogs, so please send them to us.

So that's a bit of what's been going on. If you like using the Topic Hotlist please spread the word. Remember, you can use it as an embedded widget on your own blog or Web page, or as a portal for your regular reading, daily, or multiple times a day, as we're constantly updating the listings.

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